About CLD

CLD is an online and hybrid-learning center registered in Canada. It  offers a set of practical executive diplomas certificates to leaders and diplomats for states, civil society institutions, and official bodies

Our Mission

To empower leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective global leaders and diplomats. This requires providing them with specialized knowledge accompanied by practical skills and field experience. We bring about a qualitative shift in the development of national diplomats and leaders to be able to carry out the tasks and responsibilities entrusted to them.

We achieve our mission through:
    •    Education and training.
    •    Networking and collaboration.
    •    Advocacy and outreach.

We believe that by investing in the development of leaders and diplomats, we can create a more peaceful and prosperous world

Our Vision

To be a specialized center in qualifying national leaders, diplomats, and future leaders to run their countries and civil institutions from a professional standpoint


  • Filling the severe shortage of qualified leaders and cadres in various fields and specializations
  • Raising the level of outstanding leadership and administrative performance, proficiency, and competence
  • Forming a mentality that runs countries based on a national orientation away from sectarianism and regionalism, and factionalism
  • Providing the ability to implement projects perfectly
  • Encouraging the launching of major national projects due to the presence of leaders who are able to manage professionally

Dr. Wael Shadid

Dr. Wael Shadid, who brings with him more than forty years of experience in planning, strategic execution, project management, management in complex environments, and public diplomacy will supervise these programs. A distinguished group of experienced lecturers who are capable of providing knowledge and practical experience will be involved in implementing the offered programs



CLD offers four executive diploma programs:

  • The executive diploma of state leaders, which encompasses of 22 credits
  • The executive high diploma of state senior leaders (29 credits)
  • The executive diploma of diplomacy (22 credits)
  • The executive diploma of civil organizations management(22 credits)
  • In addition to providing specialized courses on demand to meet the special requirements of institutions

Bachelor degree with three years’ experience

Yes, you can as per the conditions

We provide online courses and hybrid courses as well. Hybrid means attending an intensive week and the rest will be online.

We offer customized courses as per request but they are not a diploma unless you finish the required courses for the diploma

No, we do not

At this moment, we do not provide, but we are striving to do so

A professor, an employer, a core subject teacher, a coach, a mentor, someone from your faith community

Yes, US 100 $ Non-refundable is required

US 200$ per credit